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Available in 250ml.


Description – Our Mac & Brush Lettering Enamel is an alkyd-resin based enamel, specially designed for signwriters and artists. It is the ideal paint for sign painting and intricate detailing such as lining and scroll work, in a single stroke. It has the advantage of fast drying, excellent durability and superior flow attributes, suitable for both interior and exterior application.


With a few shakes and a thorough stir, our paint is ready for use, no thinning required.


Please note, in some instances, lighter colours such as yellows, pinks, oranges and reds, may require more than one coat when being applied over darker colours. 


Drying time – @20°C: Touch dry in 2 hours. Hard dry in 4 hours. Full dry and recoat in 12 hours.


Application – Brush, roller, spray and airbrush.

Portobello Sand - Lettering Enamel

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